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Health Tech in Indonesia: Market Trends, Regulatory Overview and Developments during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The future is bright for Indonesia’s health-tech industry, as interest from citizens, doctors and government surges.

As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, Indonesians are rushing online for health information, medical consultations and to buy medicine.  Health-tech start-ups have seen a surge in users and, coupled with increased government awareness of the importance of health security, this trend is creating new opportunities and impetus for growth and investment in this sector. 

Indonesia’s government and its medical profession have responded with new regulations and policies. These aim to provide greater legal certainty, both for online medical practice and the distribution of medicine through online platforms.

In this new report on health tech in Indonesia, we explore recent market trends in the sector and review the key regulatory developments of which investors, founders, partners and developers should be aware.

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Health-tech in Indonesia

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