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Online Safety Regulation in Indonesia

A discussion on the intricacies of online content supervision, e-commerce regulation and robust community guidelines.

TMT partner Sakurayuki sat down with Denden Imadudin Soleh, who at the time of the interview was Head of the Illegal Internet Content Control and Complaints Service Team at Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MOCI), to discuss Indonesia’s online safety regulations.

They explored a range of topics, including MOCI’s role in supervising online content and regulatory enforcement, the handling of free-to-air content in Indonesia, and the supervision of e-commerce. A key piece of advice for electronic system operators was to ensure their community guidelines are sufficiently robust. They were also encouraged to provide an avenue for users to report prohibited content.

TMT podcast with MOCI

Watch our video here (Indonesian langauge, with English subtitles). 

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